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Welcome to the Final Oath Guild Page!
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Winds of Change

Guild Rules

greenfuzziefrog, Apr 12, 12 4:02 PM.


(If thou does not like these commandments thou can either suck it up or leave)

  1. Thou shall NOT have a Q character and not let an officer or leader know the character's name and guild name you are in!!!

  1. If thou has a Q character thou will not at any time use that character to PVP against. I DO NOT care if you are in a group or alone and that goes for anyone in the guild already we will not PVP that character unless they break this commandment!! There is no warning you will be kicked from the guild.

  1. If one of the guildies started the fight you will be given one warning and then you will be removed from our guild. If they can be honest then we can show respect!

      1. Thou shall not LIE, CHEAT or STEAL from the guild or guildies!!

        (ex of lie= we ask you before you join if you have a Q and you say no or you make one and not tell us!)

        (ex of cheat= any hack program you may have WILL NOT be used in this guild and if we find out you are hacking you will receive one warning. If you do it again and we find out YOU ARE GONE)

        (ex of steal= use us to get gear, levels and use all of our supplies to get leveled and leave the guild without a very good reason or you go Q. If you leave and have gone Q DON'T BITCH if you get grieved you made the bed and now you WILL lie in it!!!

    1. Thou shall show respect to all members of the guild and all members of the guilds we my raid with. We are all real life people behind this character and we all have feeling. This is not saying we can not joke with each other like we have been what it is saying is I will not sit back and let anyone keep making jokes about the way someone looks, if they are black, white, from another country gay or straight if they ask you to please stop using a word that offends them then you need to be the adult you should be and stop if you can't you will be given 2 warnings for this then one or 2 things will happen. You will either be kicked from voice unless you are in a group or raid or you will be booted. This will be determined by the leaders on a case to case matter. So don't show your ass!!!

  1. Thou shall use VOICE mainly when in groups or raids if you don't have it get it if you don't like to speak use it to hear what needs to be done next in the zone. This will now become a requirement to even join our guild. If you wont talk to us then you can not join. For our old time guildies that does not use it please just try when raiding. You should all know by now not everyone reads chat and it is hard to read when you are in a group/raiding. So if you don't use it don't get pissed if no one answers you. This is your one and only warning on that you just may not be asked to group or raid.

    1. Thou shall help the guild. We are a work together type of guild! We want everyone to have the best and be the best they can but with that comes a lot of work and it should not be pushed on just a few of us. So everyone try to harvest, collect the items from our harvesters, get items that can be muted so we can keep a stock for the adornments other wise the ones that are doing all the work will help the ones who help out and the rest will be left behind. Again this is your choice so pick wisely!

  1. If thou has a problem with anyone in the guild and you are unable to resolve the problem between the both of you then please ask and officer and/or leader to step in and help. This is only one reason why we are here. If you have a problem with and officer PLEASE do not think the leaders will not help trust me we will and if it is a leader PLEASE ask for a meeting with your the other person and a different leader so we can fix any problems instead of have people leave us. Most everything can be worked out and if it can not then the one that keeps causing the problems can and will leave the guild. YES all of us can be replaced.

  1. Thou shall not move things around in the guild hall and not put them back just where you found them!! Someone worked very hard on the hall and it will stay this way until certain holidays or until she is in the mood to change it. Now if have a slow computer and are having a problem zoning into the hall let a leader or officer know. That is a simple fix.

  1. If thou is a new member of the guild you will be on probation for 30 days. It will give you time to see if you like us and for us to see if we like you. (it is to see if we all can get along) during this time and please understand that we have been robbed and used so many times that in this 30 days we will be happy to help you some but we will not always give you AA or XP runs make you gear so don't ask. If we are giving an AA/XP run and you are on we will ask if you wish to join the same goes for just running lower level zones. We need to see that you are willing to help make and keep this guild running I know we are all over the being used when we bust ass for someone!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Longshanklet, Dec 29, 11 11:38 PM.
Woot! Guild portal site is live.  Get your asses (and azzes) over to the members section, and sign up with an FO tag to gain access! :)
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